When you own a swim spa, a lot of benefits are made available to you and your family. You get to get to enjoy the hydro massage that the swim spa provides along with the increased mobility.

You and your family get to have fun together, staying healthy with swimming and a good massage. Click www.chinaroyalspa.com/swim-spas/ for all swim spa services.

But even with all those benefits, there are still dangers associated with using a swim spa. Using the swim spa safely can be a hazard if you do not comply with the safety rules provided.

The saftey tips are easy to comply with, they do not involve any form of professional skill, and the tips can be writen out and made available to people who make use of the swim spa, including children.

It was reported in 2017, that 163 children below the age of 15 drowned in swimming pools and hot tubs in the U.S.

To avoid heartbreaking stories like that, here are some tips that can help individual adults and guardians take the necessary steps to act as lifeguards around swim spas.

Children Should Never Be Left Unattended to Around A Swim Spa

It can be a little tempting to let the kidsd have fun in the back while the adults talk and have a few drinks outside. You are advised to keep an eye on the children, especially the younger ones.

The children making use of a swim spa should be monitored at all times. As a parent or guardian, you know what could happen just seconds after you turn your back.

Few seconds of turning your back can be the start of months or years of nightmares. Small children are to be under constant supervision. This is an act of safety and should be taken seriously.

If the parents are not available, it will be best to assign another adult to keep an eye on the childen or child. The assigned adult must understand that his or her job is to concentrate on the children.

Toys should also be kept away from the swim spa. Guardians should aslo stop children from running near or around the swim spa.

Suction Outlets And Drains Of The Swim Spa

To avoid the incidence of children gettingg stuck in drains, parents, and guardians should ensure that children do not go near the suction outlets and drains.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This is an emmergency procedure done when a person stops breathing. The procedure can save a life and is important to learn.

The Red Cross teaches how to perform CPR in hospitals and communities. It is importamdt to note that a bystander is in the best position to help a drowning victim.

Swim Spa Chemicals

Swim spa owners and caretakers are advised to carefully follow the instructions given by the producers of the chmicals for maintenance.


After some time with the swim spa, there is tendency for people to lose stop taking some of the rules sriously. Safety is very important and the lack of it can be disastrous.


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