Wondering how vertical garage door tracks work? You’re not alone. Many people don’t realize that there are different types of garage door tracks, and they each have their own unique purpose. You can also find many different types and lengths of these tracks in the market, but you have to determine which one to get based on your garage door measurements.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at vertical garage door tracks and how they work. By the end, you should have a better understanding of how to take care of them. Keep reading to find out why the garage door track is so important!

Basic Vertical Garage Door Tracks?

Vertical garage door tracks are installed on both sides of your garage door opening and are connected to the ceiling of the garage with the help of hangers or brackets. These tracks guide the door as it opens and closes and are also mounted to springs helping them in opening and closing, and they’re an essential part of your garage door’s overall function.

Most vertical garage door tracks are made from high-strength steel for durability and the basic structure is the same as many years ago, many tracks now come with plastic or nylon bearings to reduce noise and friction and some may be made from aluminum or other materials.

How do They Work?

As the name implies, vertical garage door tracks run vertically up the side of your garage door opening. At the top of each track is a set of rollers that fit into a horizontal track called a head track. The head track is usually attached to the frame of your garage door opening, and it helps to stabilize the rollers as they move up and down the vertical tracks.

As the rollers move along the head track, they help to lift or lower your garage door. This lifting or lowering action is what allows your garage door to open and close smoothly. Without properly functioning vertical tracks, your garage door would be very difficult to operate.

How to take care of this vertical garage door track?

One important step in taking care of your garage door track is to regularly inspect and maintain them. These tracks support the entire weight of the door, so it is crucial that they are in good condition. Any bent or damaged tracks should be repaired or replaced immediately.

It is also important to keep the tracks clean and free of debris. This can be done by vacuuming or wiping them down with a damp cloth. If you notice any grease build-up, you can use a degreaser to remove it. In addition, you should occasionally lubricate the tracks with WD-40 or another lubricant. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and safely for years to come.


Vertical garage door tracks are an essential part of your garage doors’ function – without them, it would be very difficult to open or close your doors smoothly! These tracks are installed on either side of your garage door opening and they guide the door up and down as it opens and closes. For this reason, it is very important to keep these tracks maintained and cleaned. If you can’t do it yourself, get professional help. This will extend the life of the tracks and provide you with ease.


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