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Why yoga for children?

Yoga for children is recognized as one of the most effective
ways to support focus, reduce stress levels and offer therapeutic
benefits for many concerns such as sensory overload, special needs,
asthma, and anxiety. Children learn about their bodies, to
meditate, relax, sit still and be themselves..all while having FUN!

They gain cooperation and compassion skills towards one another.
Children that practice yoga have a good sense of body awareness
and are generally in better health. Yoga can support weight loss,
flexibility, concentration and happiness to name a few of the benefits.
Yoga and meditation provide support for children to have a balanced
foundation and approach to life.

Give the gift of yoga to your child.

Peace to all

Benefits of Yoga for Children

• Improves strength and flexibility.
• Reduces stress
• Increases concentration, focus,
and attention.
• Breathe Well
• Increases self-esteem.
• Decreases anxiety
• Strengthens immune system
• Increases ability to relax
• Helps to increase trust,
compassion, teamwork and
leadership skills of your
beloved children
• Improves digestion and encourages
healthy eating habits
• Improves sleeping


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Benefits of yoga for parents

• Improves parent and child bonding
• Creates calm moments for child which in turn makes
for a happy parent
• Improves child's sleep habits, more sleep for you!
• Creates a supportive parenting community
• Reduces stress for both parents and kids
• Builds parental confidence